This is how colorectal cancer can be avoided.

Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy is used in colon, ovary, and colon cancers.

Nutrition : Follow a diet with ample Fruits, vegetables which are high in carbohydrates and fiber. Minimize the consumption red and processed meat sparingly. Eat good quality fat-rich foods such as avocado, olive oil, fish oil and nuts from saturated fat.

Exercise: Regular exercise can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Bodyweight: Overweight or obesity increases the risk of many cancers including colorectal.

Why does colorectal cancer occur?

-Effect of older age

- Consumption of foods with excess protein, saturated fat, and calories

Lack of fibre in diet

-Extremely addictive alcohol

- History of colorectal cancer in the family

- Overweight and obesity

- Smoking

-Lack of physical activity

- The presence of polyps in the rectum, which can become cancerous.

Excess intake of red or processed meat



Colorectal cancer test

-Blood stool test

-Stool DNA test

-Flexible sigmoidoscopy

-X ray


-CT colonography

-Imaging scans